This is one of the most important contemporary art centres in Europe.

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Matadero Madrid

Experience the new millennium.

Where once they cut up pigs, today it's a source of culture. At Matadero Madrid, situated at the foot of the remodelled Manzanares river, you will be amazed and will leave knowing more about yourself. It is already rated by some as one of the most important contemporary art centres in Europe. You can see an exhibition on recycling and expressiveness to a film on human isolation (for more information visit Las Naves del Teatro Español is one of its cornerstones with its cafe-theatre, its large stage area and a room for workshops and discussions. In Intermediae more alternative trends await and La Central de Diseño stands as a bulwark of the image as a product. For motion pictures you'll have the Cineteca, dedicated almost exclusively to non-fiction. Feeling peckish? No problem, as La Cantina serves delicious, healthy meals. Your eyes will wander to the early twentieth century industrial architecture, pure decadence and charm, that mixes with the most ground-breaking visual language, like the Nave de Música. La Casa del Lector (The Readers' House) is the last space to join this museum of the new millennium. Experimentation is heard, seen, touched.

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