One word will describe it: "avant garde". If you dress in red on the day you visit, you will blend in with its new building by Jean Nouvel.

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Museo Reina Sofía

Pure contemporary art

This is the home of Guernika by Picasso, an enormous canvas that displays all the horrors of the wars and has become a worldwide metaphor for pain. But the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía ( has so much to offer you in terms of contemporary art. In fact, some say it is the natural continuation of El Prado's collections. The Reina Sofía collection, part of the Art Triangle, starts with artists from the turn of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries , such as Zuloaga or Juan Gris. Then you will continue by learning about three great figures such as Picasso, Dalí and Miró and then figurative art from the mid-twentieth century and abstract from painters such as Oteiza and Chillida. There is also the foreign quota with works by Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Roy Lichtenstein and Kandinsky. Although it was inaugurated in 1990 in the neoclassical Hospital of San Carlos, in 2005 it expanded with its new red and avant-garde building by Jean Nouvel, which includes the library and the cafeteria where a new public square was opened. This tour, where painting and architecture unite, is so intense that when you complete it, you will probably feel like a refreshing, cold beer. You can do this on the historic patio next to the entrance. The best way to enjoy it.

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