What used to be his home is now a museum in his honour and is definitely worth a peaceful visit.

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Museo Sorolla

Sorolla the Great.

Like many of the great galleries and art centres in the world, the Sorolla Museum was a result of the express wish of the wife of Joaquín Sorolla, Clotilde García del Castillo, who, upon the death of her husband, wanted to donate all his property to the State provided they were used for public exhibitions. We owe this Museum to these two philanthropists and artists. It is found in the very house of the painter, on Paseo del General Martínez Campos, number 37 a few metres from the Paseo de la Castellana. You will see a large part of the collection of the painter himself as well as the figure-related donations which the museum has been receiving over time, such as the famous Sorolla statue. In any case, it is a significant close-up to the life of this eclectic artist. Your tour includes exhibitions of painting, sculpture, archaeology and pottery, with pieces dating back to Roman times. Perhaps the most significant are the paintings exhibited by José de Ribera, Mariano Fortuny and Sorolla. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday but we recommend that you visit it on Saturdays from midday or Sundays as admission is free.

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