Welcome! In the nineteenth century, the Puerta de Toledo greeted those arriving to Madrid.

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Puerta de Toledo

Smaller than the Puerta de Alcalá, but just as loved.

Although it is smaller than the Puerta de Alcalá, the Puerta de Toledo receives its fair share of affection. It even has sevillanas (folk music from Seville) dedicated to it: "A la Puerta de Toledo, madre, le tengo celos" (At the Puerta de Toledo, mother, I am jealous). It forms part of the system of arches that lined the city to receive visitors until the nineteenth century. It was erected to commemorate the triumph of Napoleon and the arrival of José Bonaparte, also known as Pepe Botella (Pepe Bottle) for his supposed love of wine. But as fate would have it, its construction ended just as Fernando VII the Desired came to the throne and used it as a stone reminder of the French invader. From the square in which it is located, you will understand (and suffer, if you walk it), Madrid's topography with its hills, valleys and hollows. If you look straight ahead, you'll see the Baroque Toledo Bridge, built by Pedro de Ribera. Walk there because you will enjoy one of the puerta's most panoramic views. If you look up, the street goes into the heart of the La Latina district.

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