This is 0 km, the point from which Spain's network of roads is measured.

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Puerta del Sol

New year, new life!

This is at the heart of central Madrid. At the Puerta del Sol, on the pavement outside the Presidency of the Community of Madrid building is a plaque specifying that this is the exact point from which Spain’s network of roads is measured. In other words, this is where the country’s kilometre 0 is marked, making it almost your obligation to have your photo taken showing your foot right next to the plaque. Turn around and look at the building behind, which is where millions of eyes are fixed on New Years Eve at midnight. Its clock has the job of chiming 12 times to which the entire country eats 12 lucky grapes. You'll notice it as soon as you step onto it: the semi-circular Puerta del Sol is always jam-packed with people, mimes, human statues and demonstrations. Non-stop action. The buildings surrounding it date back to the nineteenth century when the unhealthy narrow streets were demolished to give Madrid a more modern look. The equestrian statue of Carlos III who is eyeing us seriously, and the futuristic Metro entrance and its surroundings show, on one side, the reflections of elegant balconies. And there are more protagonists: at the intersection with the calle de Alcalá, you can see the sculpture of the bear and the strawberry tree, symbols of the region.

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