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Restaurante DiverXo

Chef David Muñoz is out to surprise.

A whole world is abuzz inside his shaven, crested head. David Muñoz's has an ever-increasing fan base. Why? His restaurant, DiverXo located in the Madrid area of Tetuán. Mouth-to-mouth initially sparked off his popularity. And then his two Michelin stars took care of the rest. His cooking fuses Mediterranean with Asian but there is a lot more to his culinary repertoire than just that. DiverXo, a modern space with white, black and silver touches, opens new horizons in the culinary experience. It is described as mestizaje, cutting-edge, revolutionary. And it comes at a price because you need to reserve a table one month in advance. There is no menu as such, but three set lists with seven, nice and eleven courses. The ingredients, disparate raw materials from the global pantry, are skilfully woven. Textures are contrasted. Equilibrium prevails. There are echoes of Spain, Japan, Peru and Africa. Wine pairing is performed by sommelier Javier Arroyo, who is just as likely to offer you a Jerez as he is a New Zealand broth. In DiverXo, around 50 new dishes are created every year, so the selection is always different. The element of surprise is paramount. Calle Pensamiento, 28. Madrid. 915 70 07 66.

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