Arrive hungry. Introducing the little brother of San Miguel Market.

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San Antón Market

Eyes are on the rooftops of Chueca.

Introducing the little brother of San Miguel Market. Small not for its ambition or its appeal, which is large, but because it emerged later on and has the same concept of sophistication. Behind its straight-lined brick façade are two levels and a terrace. Downstairs are the traditional stalls selling vegetables, cold meats and fruit where some stallholders even inform their customers about what's new in via Twitter. On the second floor you'll find bars that serve both scrambled eggs with potatoes as well as sushi. And on the terrace, with your eyes gazing out over the rooftops of Chueca, is where you'll sip the latest in the area's cocktails and mingle with the young, gorgeous and successful (well, at least they look it). Next along you'll find the restaurant La cocina de San Antón, with fresh products that you can even choose from the lower level for them to cook for you upstairs. The place is packed at weekends with people breathing life into an area that was once abandoned for years. Writer Benito Pérez Galdos already wrote in Fortunata y Jacinta about the first market of street-vending stalls that was the origin of San Antón. What do you think he would say about such modernity today? More information on

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