Taverns in the Las Letras neighbourhood

Unusual streets for Madrid's most literary area. Galdós would rewrite "La Fontana de Oro" (The Fountain of Gold).

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Taverns in the Las Letras neighbourhood

The Golden Age

This neighbourhood harks back to the streets of Madrid during the Golden Age. From the plaza de Jacinto Benavente to the calle de la Cruz on one side from the paseio del Prado to the calle Atocha at the other end, this mesh of streets is possibly Madrid's most distinguished neighbourhood. Here lived Lope de Vega, Quevedo, Góngora and a large group of writers who, between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, belonged to the famous Golden Age of Spanish literature and the most important in international literature. Later on, from 1800 to 1900, these buildings were the stage of the novels of Benito Pérez Galdós: still open today is the Fontana de Oro (C/ Victoria, 1), the place which gave its name to one of his novels. While walking through these streets, look at the walls of the buildings and on the road as often chapters of stories are written on them for you to read. Calle Echegaray is full of taverns and establishments which preserve the décor of that era. At the end of the street you will see plaza de Santa Ana, one of the places with the best atmospheres in the city, both day and night.

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