Madrid from a height is infinitely beautiful and spectacular. Take note of three key points for this.

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Terraces with views

Bajo el cielo de Madrid, under the Madrid sky

You may have heard the world "bajo el cielo de Madrid", "under the Madrid sky". It is one of the city's charms and is one of the best ways to discover the city you're visiting. We propose three strategic points for you to rest and simply admire the landscape and the large city around you. In the popular and colourful neighbourhood of Lavapiés is a spot called Café Gaudeamus (calle Tribulete, 14): it has an amazing terrace on the fourth floor. From here you can see the cupola of the ancient Escuelas Church and the whole of the Lavapiés neighbourhood. It also charges affordable prices and the food is recommended. Switching neighbourhoods now, if you're in the Las Letras area, in plaza Santa Ana itself, you'll see the entrance to the hotel Penthouse ME: upstairs you'll find an ultra modern terrace where you can relax while sipping one of its delicious, imaginative cocktails. Finally, if you want to treat yourself, the restaurant located on the terrace hotel Urban (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34) flaunts the best views of the city. This place has won many prizes for its location and cuisine.

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