What is the essence of Madrid? Its proximity, its neighbourhoods you don't want to leave.....TriBall fights for this essence.

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As Spanish singer, Joaquin Sabinas sang "Pongamos que hablo de Madrid" (Let's just say I'm talking about Madrid).

We'll let you into a little secret about the city. As you surely already know, Madrid has always been considered a city of neighbourhoods, and despite being a large city, it has not lost its community vibe, its small shops and its streets where people gather and greet each other daily. Within this context, traders and neighbours of the historical area of Triángulo Ballesta have joined forces to create the Triball platform to encourage and preserve this atmosphere and essence that links Tribunal with Gran Vía and Corredera de San Pablo. It is one of Madrid's most popular, historical and eclectic neighbourhoods. The characters of writer Emilio Pérez Galdós have passed through these streets, and they have been the stage of songs by popular singer Joaquín Sabina. All this has been brought together on the Triball platform and we advise you to visit the website www.triballmadrid.com to find out about what's on in the neighbourhood as well as its unique offers. From clothes shops to secret concerts, all the secrets of the old neighbourhood are here!

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