The Francisco Luis Gallego Entomological Museum

More than 230,000 insects on display, and the vast majority of these come from Colombia.

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The Francisco Luis Gallego Entomological Museum

The other side of nature

Maybe this centre is the strangest of all those that you'll discover in Medellín. The Francisco Luis Gallego Museum is specialised in Entomology, that is to say, the study of insects. It belongs to the National University of Colombia, and it was created by the scientist who it was named after in 1937. Attention: the interior of the museum houses a collection of more than 230,000 insects with 16,000 of them being classified as a species. Curious, isn't it? A characteristic feature of this museum lies in the fact that the vast majority of insects come from Colombia, accommodating numerous endemic families, and strange examples of ecosystems which have now disappeared. Butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, flies, spiders, and an endless amount of insects that attract your attention in an extraordinary way. Besides this, it has a publication service in which they gather monographs and catalogues of native species from other parts of the world. Come and visit this museum to discover the other side of nature!

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