The San Pedro Cemetery Museum

Mausoleums turned into real works of art. A totally different place.

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The San Pedro Cemetery Museum

A place with history

Sure, why not? A cemetery can also become one of the most important monuments in the city, and the San Pedro, which was established in 1842, is the clearest example in Medellín. You can see impressive mausoleums and tombs here that will leave you stunned by their spectacularity: they weren't only brought directly from Italy, many of them were also engraved by famous national artists such as Bernardo Vieco and Marco Tobón who turned them into real works of art. The designs are inspired by different artistic movements, such as the Renaissance, classical, or neo-Gothic periods, and important figures of national Colombian history like presidents, entrepreneurs, and artists rest underneath such artwork. The cemetery building houses a museum and a cultural centre nowadays where interesting national art funds are exhibited, and it's also a venue for concerts and theatre plays.

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