Would you like to swim with a sea lion? Terra Marina offers you this and much more!

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Aquatic Murcia

Soaked in entertainment.

There are two really interesting centres in the city which are focused on the marine environment. On the one hand, you have the Parque Acuático Terra Natura which is of a more fun and infantile nature. This is an ideal place for children's entertainment which, in addition to its enjoyable installations, offers interesting experiences such as the possibility of taking a dip in the water with a specimen of sea lion, as well as different natural lessons in situ. A more serious kind of option for discovering the local marine environment and that of other parts of the world can be found at the aquarium in the University of Murcia. Although its installations aren't very big, the aquariums are complete recreations with the flora and fauna of different places where you can see examples of black tip reef and oceanic whitetip sharks, as well as moray eels and sea horses. Besides this, the explanations of the exhibition itself are highly recommended and educational.

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