A highly recommended short trip to the neighbouring city of Cartagena. Its ancient theatre is amazing.

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Cartagena Theatre

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The neighbouring city of Cartagena is the second most important in the region after Murcia, and if you have some time, it is also worth a visit. The Roman theatre justifies the excursion and if you don't have much time on your visit, we recommend that you don't miss this place. This theatre was built between 5 and I BC, but the most curious aspect of this place is that it was buried for over 2000 years without nobody knowing. It was accidentally discovered in 1998 during the construction of a building that had nothing to do with it. The archaeological restoration work it had to undergo took quite a few years but despite that, this huge construction with a capacity for more than 6000 people remained practically intact, and its conservation status competed with the Roman Theatre of Mérida. In fact, it has become one of the main sights to see in the city.

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