Discover Murcia from up in the air, while you learn basic flight control and experience some pure adrenalin!

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Flying Over the Murcian Skies

Thrill seekers in action.

We propose a different and exciting activity for you which is restricted to thrill-seekers only. Murcia's climatology and orography has made one of the nicest and most impressive ways to discover the region from up in the sky, and this is the reason behind the company called Saflyx. This company has dedicated years to organising flights in different kinds of light aeroplanes, and they are experts with regard to the skies above Murcia. Within their different flight modes, you'll be able to take basic flight lessons on the one hand, and to see and discover a large part of the region from the air, on the other hand, which turns into a memorable and impressive experience in contact with nature. This company naturally offer specialised flight courses and their methods guarantee their clients' safety and enjoyment. If you'd like to find out more, you can check their website and ask for more information: This is certainly a different and unique way to discover the area.

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