The commercial activity of this place dates back to the 15th century. If you're looking for history and typical products, you'll find both of these here.

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Mercado de las Verónicas

A modern exterior with a historic interior.

Due to its geographical location by the shores of the Mediterranean, the city of Murcia was very important within the commercial map of the Mediterranean, just like many other cities on the east coast of Spain. Over a long period of time, these cities meant the entrance to the peninsula for a large part of their supply, which is why you can find different places that keep the history of these markets. In this sense, in the area known as Plano de San Francisco, you'll find a market called Mercado de las Verónicas. Its commercial activity dates back to the 15th century, and the present building dates back to the first decades of the 20th century with a noticeable modernist style that you can see by its architecture. Also known as the Mercado del Oeste (Western Market), or Mercado de las Verduras (Vegetable Market) for obvious reasons, it's the perfect place to find typical products from the region and to acquire a little more knowledge of the city's history.

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