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Murcian Cusine

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The geographical position of the region means that it's not only rich in agricultural farming with produce from the land and the sea, it has also been a meeting point for traders who came from all Mediterranean shores, as well as other seas. This special feature has contributed to the region's gastronomy, which makes a clash that mixes typical products from many places, and makes it one of the richest with the most variety. Besides the meat and fish, its famous Murcian vegetable produce is outstanding, among which you can try cucumber salads, ñora peppers with artichokes, and their mixture of vegetables with fish. From these combinations, dishes have been created such as the popular zarangollo, pisto de la vega media, and mojete. Although there are a good handful of restaurants in which you can try all these dishes, we recommend you to drop by the city centre, and specifically to the squares named Plaza Cristo del Rescate, or Plaza de las Flores and their adjoining streets, as it's easy to find an endless number of bars and restaurants that offer local recipes.

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