You won't leave here feeling indifferent thanks to its most unexpected and intense sculptures, folklore, and craftsmanship in precious metals.

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Museo de la Archicofradía de la Sangre

Simply amazing.

Get ready to see one of the most curious and intense exhibitions that you can find. As you'll know, the region of Murcia has an important religious tradition that perhaps originated from the continuous battles between Christians and Muslims, that were maybe due to the influence of their neighbouring communities, or simply because this place had more influence. In any case, the church named Iglesia del Carmen transferred its installations in 1994 to show the sculptural collection of the Archicofradía de la Preciosísima Sangre. Their collection spans from the 16th century onwards and it isn't exclusive to the field of sculpture, as it also shows craftsmanship in precious metals, clothing, and all kinds of related folkloric elements. Works stand out by Nicolás de Bussy, Juan Dorado, Antonio Campillo and particularly La Dolorosa and La Samaritana by the Murcian sculptor, Roque López, who was Francisco Salzillo's apprentice, and one of Murcia's most important artists.

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