The political and religious conflict that Murcia suffered caused a lot of debate, and so much that a museum has been based on it.

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Museo de Moros y Cristianos

Moors and Christians.

If there's an event that marks the history of Murcia, and defines its main characteristics of identity, it's the conflict that Moors and Christians faced during several years. Under the Muslim and Christian religious and political battle, the city and its habitants were continuously at war during a long period of time. But in the year 1242, James of Aragon reconquered the city and the wound between the two nations was opened as the conflict persisted. This curious museum on the street of calle Cartagena shows different aspects of both sides from Kábila clothing and armed retinues that paraded in the annual festivities, to original royal attire and accessories such as crowns and garments which belonged to Prince Alfonso, his wife Violante, and King Ben Hud. All this provides a complete vision of the two sides and shows one of the city's main characteristics, being its heterogeneous culture.

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