Much more than just a museum: gardens, patios, and a lot of vegetation with the myrtle as the main role.

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Museo de Santa Clara

A waste of Al-Andalus culture.

Although the exact year is unknown, it is known that Ibn Mardanis built a palace at this location. Later, during the 13th century, it was emir Ibn Hud who built his own palace using the foundations of the former palace after the reconquest meant that the Christians won everything back again. In fact, it was Peter the Cruel who gave this place to the Order of Saint Clare during the 14th century (which previously belonged to the abbess Berengaria of Espín). This building was later declared in ruins and was fortunately restored by various institutions offering an area for discovering the different aspects of the Muslim way of life. In first place, you'll see the beautiful Muslim garden that occupies the palace's first patio called Patio de Cruz due to its cross shape. Among the typically Muslim profuse vegetation, myrtle is one of the plants that stands out. In fact, it is supposed that the name of the city derives from the name of this plant. This palace is the perfect manifestation of Al-Andalus culture.

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