From Las Tascas to Centrofarma. From here to Mariano Rojas to then go back to the starting point… You now have a night trail!

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Nights Out in Murcia

Things to do at night.

The city of Murcia offers different options regarding its nightlife. It's a tradition to start the night in the area of Las Tascas, next to the University of Merced where these central streets are filled with people every night from Thursday to Sunday. A university and cheerful atmosphere dominates this place which is perfect for mixing tapas, small draught beer, or even the first stronger drinks of the night. People usually head to the area of Centrofama from here, which offers a more select and refined atmosphere, or to the Pérez Casa area where there are numerous pubs and establishments for all kinds of people. For the 'night owls', the area of Mariano Rojas is the best destination, as this district is characterised for being the place to start and end the night for many people. It's a quiet meeting place which is empty at the start of the night, and then it fills up again with people during the early hours of the morning, as you'll find the establishments and afterhours here that stay open longer than the others.

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