No matter what, don't miss its viewpoint called Mirador del Obispo which offers magnificent views of the city, and the Segura River.

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Palacio Episcopal

Spectacular architecture.

Everything started with a flood and a demolition. During 1733, the Segura River flooded the city of Murcia. In turn, the walls of what used to be the Alcazar Palace on the square of Cardenal Belluga used to cast their shadows over the majestic cathedral. For these two reasons, this old building was demolished since the water had damaged its foundations and the cathedral had to shine in all its glory. However, the construction wasn't complete until 1786 which gave way to another one of the city's most spectacular buildings. In fact, it's said that the two buildings next to the cathedral itself (which has now left a space), make up the most important ones in the region from an architectural point of view. This curious construction of a rococo aesthetic is made up of two buildings joined together mixed with other artistic trends and styles such as its Doric patio. But of course the most spectacular of all here is the viewpoint called Mirador del Obispo from where you can see the Segura River, and a large part of the Murcian city.

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