Plaza de Santa Catalina

A visit to Tía Carmen is always worthwhile: that endless tapas bar will drive you crazy.

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Plaza de Santa Catalina

A lively town square.

Mixing gastronomy with history, we find ourselves on the square called plaza Santa Catalina in the centre of Murcia. This square is considered as the city's authentic town square, and it was here where the residents used to gather together since the Middle Ages for all public acts that even included public executions. But on a lighter note, this place was also considered as Murcia's town square for tapas. There are bars and restaurants here and on the streets around the square that specialise in tapas, as well as local cuisine. Even though all establishments are worth visiting, we recommend you to go to Tía Carmen, which is one of those places visited by regulars that will draw you in, just by seeing the bar. Let them advise you on the choice of tapas, as there is a practically endless variety of them.

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