Get the camera ready! The 25-metre tall rubber plant that was planted here many years ago will attract your attention.

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Plaza de Santa Domingo and the Market

A meeting of streets.

This historic square is the place where the city's main streets join. The streets named Trapería, Merced, and Santa Clara; the avenue called Alfonso X el Sabio, and the arch known as Arco de Santo Domingo all meet up in this place. Watching time go by, you'll find the famous rubber plant that was planted here in 1893, which measures no less than 25 metres tall, but this square isn't only famous for this. Since the 13th century (and possibly before, although there is no documented evidence), this was where the city's market was established every Thursday, and where they used to trade food products that this market supplied Murcia. What's more, this place had the monopoly of supplying salt to the region and its surrounding areas, which was granted by Queen Isabella I of Castile. Due to this, people from everywhere in the east used to come here each week in search of this ingredient. On a more festive note, this was the area where they used to hold the bullfighting before there was a bullring.

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