You are facing Murcia's most visited building, which is quite an achievement considering its ups and downs, and continuous refurbishments. Bravo!

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Real Casino

A Murcian icon.

Crossing the street named Trapería in the very centre of Murcia and barely a few metres from the cathedral, you'll find this emblematic building, which is one of the city's most recognisable icons. Although this building was constructed during the 19th century, it seems like it has always been here due to the taste with which the different artistic trends of its architecture have been mixed, and turn it into one of those timeless looking buildings. Its destiny, however, didn't have the same luck. As a privately run private club since 1847, it has gone through its ups and downs by undergoing its practically cyclic and continuous refurbishments. Now, what was carried out during 2006 and 2009 to get the place back on track made it worthy of the title Real (or royal) which was awarded by His Majesty the King Juan Carlos. The Real Casino is currently the most visited building in the city of Murcia.

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