Variety for all tastes! The least traditional and most avant-garde cultural options are covered thanks to venues like these.

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The City's Underground Venues

There's a place for everyone.

As you will have noticed, the city enjoys a rich and complete cultural life, being a key place for all shows that tour on a national and international level. Despite many of these shows making stops at large enclosures such as the Auditorio y Centro de Congresos Víctor Villegas and similar venues, there's a whole circuit of concerts, as well as series of music, dancing, and other arts scattered around the rest of the city. In this sense, we introduce you to two venues which are both institutions with regard to shows and live music. One is called Plan B and the other is known as Stereo (the latter was opened more recently and it originated from its predecessor in Alicante). All kinds of interesting and very important, yet not so high-profile performances have visited these stages, and both of them are located in the heart of the city, which is why they make a great option for discovering the other Murcia.

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