Murcia owes the Segura River many things, and nothing would be the same without it; not geographically, nor economically. Thanks Segura!

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The Malecón Gardens

The Segura was to blame!

The Segura River was what caused the city of Murcia to originate in the geographic location which it occupies, and this river was responsible for the city's luck during many centuries, since it supplied the city and it was its source of energy. In this way, the city of Murcia was found in a strategic place that used to lead into the Mediterranean but protected itself from possible invasions, and it was also a key place in the area for trading. Fortunately, the city has taken responsibility of looking after the Segura's entire riverbank which is now home to a few parks, which make this place a pleasant walk, and a nice way to discover this part of the city. The most important of these is the Malecón Gardens or botanical gardens. This green area was built during the 19th century and it hasn't only been somewhere just to walk round since then, as it proudly exhibits the flora and fauna of the region, and from different parts of the world.

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