If the Cartagena mountain range has something to boast about, it's this mine which makes a very interesting visit!

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The Mine of La Unión

Providing colour to the mountain range.

In the neighbouring region of La Unión, in the middle of the Cartagena mountain range, they have managed to recuperate and open this mine to the public known as the Mina de Agrupa Vicenta. These mines were one of the economic areas in the region of Murcia during the 19th century, as they invigorated the whole area's industrial activity. In fact, there was even a population that used to migrate to the surrounding areas, so that they could find work. The enormous installations are located at a depth of more that 80 metres, and they house different rooms or caves that are maintained in perfect condition. You can even visit the natural lake that used to supply the mine and originated from these natural caves. What is known as the mining train, which supports this trip, shows the whole tour round these mines and finishes in the middle of the mountains. The fact is that all surrounding areas around here are also worth visiting. In the middle of the Murcian mountains, you can see a large part of the region's territory in its roughest and wildest state.

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