You have just arrived at Murcia's mile of craftworks where traditional and local trading set the trends.

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The Street named Platería

The usual trading.

The central streets of Platería and Trapería cross and form an angle in the city, which marks out the area of one of Murcia's most important commercial areas. At barely a few metres from the theatre called Teatro Romea, a street called Trapería begins, as well as a mile of Murcian craftwork. But this isn't new, as these two streets have a commercial tradition that goes back to none other than the Middle Ages. During that period, the local craftspeople (metalsmiths, potters, painters, and sculptors etc.) used to show and sell their works in this district and this tradition evolved and has become one of the most interesting areas of shops nowadays. As these streets particularly accommodate small businesses, you can find souvenir shops and typical mementos from the area, to clothes shops and boutiques by local designers. This is one of the most recommended districts to explore for a day of shopping.

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