The University of Murcia

April, 1272 was the date it was founded but that's nothing - what a historical background this university has!

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The University of Murcia

Officiated by Alfonso X the Wise.

The University of Murcia is one of the most important in Spain. Scattered over different campuses throughout the city, it keeps a sound and unique history as a unifying thread. The common grounds of this institution date back to none other than 6th April 1272 and it's closely linked to Alfonso X the Wise, hence his figure which is framed in the university's coat of arms. As for the university's foundation, this was marked by a document from this humanist in which the land and the Arrixaca vegetable garden were transferred by order of the Dominicans so that they could build their convent, and this is how the university began. However, this didn't work in a continuous or recognised way over time. In fact, it wasn't recognised or awarded the title of the University of Murcia as we know it nowadays, until 23rd March 1915.

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