A tour on which you'll discover the city's gastronomical history.

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A Taste of Nice

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Are you a food lover? Do you like to discover the most authentic flavours from the places you visit? Then get ready to enjoy this, my friend. A Taste of Nice offers some interesting culinary tours round the city where its history is explained and how food has been influencing the city's special essence over the years. They also explain the value that their recipes have had in the rest of the region. You won't only discover the best-kept secrets of the cuisine in Nice, this will also allow you to discover captivating and different places, which surely wouldn't have been possible on your own. The guides will take you round some of the city's well-known shops where you can buy traditional products and mix with the local people. Naturally, there will be a brunch at the end of the tour with the best local food, so you can put all that you learned during the tour into practice.

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