You now have the opportunity to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It will be unforgettable!

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Behind the Wheel of a Sportscar

A luxury among luxuries

Have you ever dreamed of driving one of those sports cars that only the most privileged people get to drive? Well, you can fulfil that wish here as you turn into one of them: Liven Up offers the possibility of putting yourself behind the steering wheel of a real Ferrari or Lamborghini, being the most exclusive brands in the market. In Nice, you can cruise along the Promenade des Anglais in a bright-coloured convertible that will make your hair stand on end by hearing the roar from the engine. This experience always comes before some exact explanations of how to take the controls, so that the sensation is even more complete, if that's possible. You can hire this driving experience according to different periods of time that range from fifteen minutes, to eight hours. During the latter time period, you'll enjoy an excursion round the whole French Riviera to see the beautiful landscapes in your favourite sports car.

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