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Centre International de Plongée

Discovering the ocean depths

The French Riviera isn't only synonymous with peace and relaxation, there are also places in Nice for the more adventurous visitors. How about a little sport? Some diving perhaps? The Mediterranean sea bed hides some really unusual natural treasures that are one-of-a-kind: we're talking about a spectacular marine ecosystem of flora and fauna which is possible to interact with, offering countless hidden secrets that you can only find this way. The Centre International de Plongée is the city's diving centre par excellence, guaranteed by many years of experience and first class team of experts. Don't worry if you have never been diving before, as they'll take care of organising your first underwater dive. The centre also offers the possibility to go diving at night (although this can only be at certain times during the year), giving you a completely different perspective to what you'll find in the daylight.

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