Futuristic and art nouveau: a rare mix of styles for a church.

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Eglise De Sainte Jeanne D'arc

Original architecture

We don't know yet if you'll end up being in favour or against the building, but we can guarantee that it's really unusual, so it won't leave you feeling indifferent. The Eglise De Sainte Jeanne D'arc is a futuristic style building complemented with certain touches that recall art nouveau; an image which is very distant from what we understand as a place of worship. The eleven domes comprise three large ones and another eight smaller domes accompanied by a 64-metre tall bell tower that chimes in the shape of an Easter candle, which denotes a clear contrast between the different geometric shapes. This building was inaugurated in 1933. It was designed by the architect Jacques Droz who came up with the idea as an avant-garde creation during that time that even used rare materials like reinforced concrete which was scarce back then, and this is where its originality lies. Incidentally, people in Nice refer to it as "the Meringue" due to its characteristic white colour.

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