A charming and magical medieval centre. It's prohibited not to get lost among the streets!

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Experience the Vieille Ville

As if you go back in time

To arrive at the historic centre means to enter into an enclave which is marked by fantasy; a place where you'll experience real magic that makes you take part on a journey which takes you back in time. The Vieille Ville in Nice is a charming area that seems to have been moved here from another period of time: narrow streets, old large houses characterised by their red roofs, and an endless number of attractive spots that work as a perfect counterpoint with the modern part of the city. It is a medieval centre in all aspects, which is perfectly preserved. What a contrast! To walk round the historic centre will take you at least a morning, and it's prohibited not to get lost among the alleys, so you can admire their beauty. You'll also find an array of shops and restaurants, as well as some of the most traditional markets. Vieille Ville is perfectly linked to public transport and other areas of Nice, so you don't have an excuse for not letting yourself get carried away by its charm. It will be really special!

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