A good selection of roasted meats accompanied by homemade accompaniments.

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La Rossettisserie

What's good, when brief, is twice as good

A family-style restaurant that knows how to combine tradition and modernity in an amazing way. There's no beating about the bush here: the menu comprises five starters and five kinds of roast meat that you can accompany with so many other side dishes. How about roast lamb with ratatouille? or chicken with herbs accompanied with homemade style potatoes? The portions are generous, so you could be more than satisfied with one dish, and the value for money is highly recommended. As well as this, the restaurant also offers other menus for sharing among various people which include dishes that are a little more sophisticated like stuffed lamb, Italian sausages or caramelized duck. And what better way is there to finish off a pleasant dinner than with a desert like the famous Tarte Tatin, or an almond cake with apple puré. You're bound to want to come back!

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