Excellent food and generous portions in a relaxed atmosphere. What more do you need?

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La Route du Miam

Their foie gras is the best

We've arrived to one of the city's most visited and well known restaurants, which is an honour that not all restaurants can say the same. La Route du Miam is a traditional restuarant that recalls the typical Lyonesse bouchons, offering traditional cuisine which is dressed with certain modern touches. Its emblematic product is foie gras prepared in a homemade way and accompanies other star dishes such as duck fillet or mussels. Squab is usually on the menu too. Besides the flavour of their dishes, which is always superb, the restaurant is characterised by offering generous portions and its relaxed atmosphere, which is far from what could be considered as being a gastronomical option of this calibre. In fact, it's normal that the chef sits down with you at the table to have a friendly chat about the food. Don't miss their interesting wine menu, as they offer some fine examples.

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