Their heart-shaped bases are quite a symbol of the city.

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Les Amoreux

Perfect pizzas. The favourites!

If you ask anyone from Nice where you can go out to eat well, but in an informal way, it's likely that you are recommended to visit Les Amoreux, which is the most famous pizzeria in the city. The restaurant's owner, Iván, has been cooking the city's best Neapolitan pizza in the traditional stone oven, and so much so that you'll see how the place is full of people whenever you go. What's their secret? To keep faithful to the tradition and only offer quality ingredients, which allows them to create a thin and crispy base for their first class dishes. Their heart-shaped pizzas are a trademark and their calzone is unbeatable. You'll find four seasons, capricciosa, mushrooms, margarita, anchovies, double mozzarella, four cheeses, and an endless amount of options on their extensive menu; and how about this, they even offer a pizza with truffles. The value for money is superb. Now all you have to do is enjoy them!

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