Antique furniture, decorative objects, vintage clothing… A great experience.

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Les Puces de Nice

Hurray for antiques!

Everything in Nice isn't based on luxury and ostentation, so the city naturally also has a space for flea markets. Les Puces de Nice is a street market located near Vieux Port that offers visitors an enormous variety of antique objects, but that doesn't mean to say that they are any less valuable: ancient furniture; the largest variety of decorative objects; figures; crockery; kitsch paintings and even vintage clothing to give a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. Wandering around the stalls will be like a reencounter with the past, creating an experience that will take your memories back a few decades. It's possible that you'll find some bargains here, as the prices are very popular and affordable for practically everyone. The market opens from Tuesday to Saturday. As an extra, and once you've finished your tour round the flea market, you can head along to a street named Catherine Ségurane to discover the antique shops.

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