Would you like to see painters working on their works in front of you? You can do this here.

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Marché aux peintures et artisans d'art

All kinds of craftwork

This market takes place at the same area as the antique book market but with the difference being that you can only find this one on the second Saturday of each month. As its name suggests, paintings are exhibited in the market and these are elaborated by amateur artists from Nice, as well as other French cities and different countries. Naturally, the great quality of the works is noticeable at a glance. Is there something a little different? Yes, it's possible to see painters working on their pieces in front of you, as they go, which lets you enjoy a live painting session, and you can naturally buy your favourite piece if you like. Besides this, there are also other stalls where craftspeople offer beautiful handmade products which are created as one-of-a-kind items. This is a good option for buying that memento you've been looking for.

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