Don't miss their famous salade niçoise, which is a really tasty and balanced dish.

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The wide variety of products that there are in the area allows Nice to have a variety of delicious recipes that are able to delight even the most demanding palates. An everyday option is the salade niçoise, which is a salad made up of raw vegetables flavoured with basil and crowned with a boiled egg, anchovies, olives or tuna, and these vary depending where you order them. All these ingredients are moistened with a good olive oil of course. This typical salad originated from the famous pan bagnat (wet bread), which is characteristic for combining all these ingredients inside a sandwich. The sauces à la niçoise with black olives and tomatoes being the star ingredients are also very well known. Just as popular are the ravioli and gnocchi dishes, which are two real stars of the gastronomy in Nice (yes, this is why it feels like we are very near Italy). You're bound to have plenty of options to choose from.

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