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Musée des Arts Asiatiques

Multiculturalism by country

The Museum of Asian Arts is one of those centres that stands out for its cultural background as well as the spectacular enclave in which the content is exhibited. The building was designed by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange and based on a geometric style which makes it extraordinary, as it is laid out in a circle, a square, and a pyramid, which is why it's no surprise that it seems to be floating over the lake where it stands. Inside the building, you'll have the opportunity to see multiple works of oriental sacred art, combining classic creations and other more contemporary ones from countries such as China, India and Cambodia. The first floor is home to a permanent exhibition on Buddhism in the form of a route that shows the ins and outs of this religion in an educational way. In the basement, you'll find surprising everyday objects that make up part of the daily life in these cultures.

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