Key works by this great artist that were also selected by him.

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Musée Matisse

An impressionistic paradise

Henri Matisse didn't spend nearly forty years of his life in Nice for no good reason: the light, charm, and enviable atmosphere in this city are noticeably reflected in his creations, and a large part of the meaning of his work is due to these elements. This museum is a cultural paradise dedicated to an impressionist without comparison; a contemporary genius. We are talking about a centre which is priceless and intends to spread the great painter's legacy with many of his works which, incidentally, were chosen by the artist himself to make up the collection. You'll enjoy a compilation here which is made up of more than five hundred creations including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and illustrations among which some of the most famous are Ventana en Tahití and La Piscina. Besides this, the visit is also worth the effort due to the museum's beautiful surrounding gardens.

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