The museum's collection is made up of more than a million pieces of immeasurable value.

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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle

For nature lovers

This centre is pure history, as it was the city's first museum which was inaugurated in 1846. The natural history museum's objective is to preserve and spread the magic of nature in its most diverse ways, as well as carry out important investigation work to conserve the ecosystems that surround the area. The heritage that the museum accommodates is incredible and includes more than a thousand examples from fields such as geology, zoology and botany. Some of these are even over two hundred years old thanks to their conservation work. The museum offers permanent exhibitions in which numerous pieces from the Mediterranean coast are exhibited, as well as other continents such as Africa, America, and such exotic places like Madagascar. The scientific wealth that this place accommodates has an immeasurable value, so if you're a nature lover, what are you waiting for to discover this place?

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