A special building designed by Garnier and Eiffel with an 18-metre long telescope.

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Nice Observatory

A piece of history

Located at the top of Mont Gros at nearly four hundred metres high, this observatory is one of the largest symbols in the city. We are talking about a place that stands out due to two different aspects: on the one hand, for its distinctive construction designed by the great architect, Charles Garnier, as well as the slender dome that crowns the building was the work of Gustave Eiffel, who created the grand Parisian tower. On the other hand, this building stands out due to its scientific significance, as you'll find the 18-metre long telescope inside, which is equipped with a lens that has a diameter of 76 centimetres, and has been in use since 1887. This telescope was one of the best in the world in its day. Nowadays, it's possible to take a guided tour round Nice Observatory so that you can find out interesting curiosities in the world of astronomy for yourself, and also to admire the beautiful green areas surrounding the building.

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