Rooms with an extravagant and over-elaborate decoration with period furniture.

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Palais Lascaris

A gem of baroque art

Nice isn't an enclave that stands out due to an abundance of majestic buildings but this the exception that confirms the rule. And what an exception! The Palais Lascaris is an impressive baroque palace located in the heart of the historic centre, and it's the best representation of this style in the city: spacious and rooms with over-elaborate decoration; a stairway decorated with frescos painted in pastel colours; painted ceilings with mythological motifs, and beautiful, priceless tapestries. The interior even accommodates a chapel, and the rooms are characterized by immeasurable luxury with paintings, sculptures, and furniture that furnish them in a pompous fashion. This building was built during the 17th century, and it also accommodates a profuse collection of historical musical instruments, which came from the funds that the collector Antoine Gautier was saving throughout his life. Violas, harps, violins, clarinets, saxophones, and an endless amount of pieces that will delight anyone who appreciates good music.

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