The oldest forum in Nice built in 1773 is blessed with a great atmosphere.

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Place Garibaldi


You'll breathe in the Italian atmosphere from the four sides of this square, and not just because of the square's name that pays tribute to the head of Italian unification; it's also due to the architectural style of the close surrounding buildings. Built in 1773 according to the designs by Antoine Spinelli, we are talking about the oldest forum in Nice. This place is so historic that even the surrounding bars and terraces have had to respect certain directives regarding colours and furniture styles. The square is made up with various fountains and a huge statue of Garabaldi in the centre. As the square is situated in the very centre of various important arteries in the city, this has turned it into an intriguing crossroads. Some recent renovation work enabled the square to turn into an area which is almost exclusively for pedestrians, and an ideal place for walking. The atmosphere here is particularly attractive when night falls.

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