An unbeatable atmosphere intended for all styles, with terraces and live music.

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Place Rosetti

Charm surrounded by colours

It wouldn't be crazy to say that we've arrived at the most captivating square in the whole city. Very central, it has the cathedral as well as beautiful and elegant Italian-style buildings to the side in red and yellow of which their curious balconies will easily attract your attention. This place is packed with movement at each of the four sides: the interesting variety of bars and restaurants turn it into one of the main night spots in Nice, which has come to be a real centre of activity during any time of the year. The pleasant terraces are always a safe bet where you'll see all different kinds of people, as there is something for everyone: groups of young people, couples in love, hipsters, executives... A mix of sensations that covers Place Rosetti with a delightful charm. It's very common to see musicians playing in the middle of the street to liven up the night, and you'll end up so enchanted by this place that you'll surely go back to visit it again.

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