Exotic plants where you can walk by the reflecting pool of water. Very original!

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Promenade du Paillon

A central green area

This area started off as a central avenue but was completely renovated during 2013 into a very famous green area in the city. Promenade du Paillon is characterised by accommodating two kinds of landscapes with one being arboreal, and the other aquatic: the former is home to no less than 60,000 plants and bushes making this place a real urban park. This place has numerous endemic species and many others from the other five continents, which give it a note of distinction; as for the aquatic landscape, it's made up of a reflecting pool of more than three thousand square metres that you can walk round, equipped with dozens of fountains and running water that will delight the younger ones because yes, you can go into the water as it's not prohibited! Promenade du Paillon is an excellent option for relaxing after a long day of visits, as well as for peacefully strolling along while being surrounded by nature.

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