Ideal for meeting new people, as you visit lively and trendy bars and clubs.

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Riviera Bar Crawl

Ready for a few rounds?

If you want to get more of an impression of what lively nights out in Nice are like, you won't find a better way of doing so: time won't be wasted moving around the city, and there's no need to choose where you want to go. This tour will let you get to know the best bars and clubs in the city; those places which are always in fashion, while you engross yourself in a noticeable international atmosphere; it sure is international, as it's an attraction that is totally intended for tourists. The organization is extraordinary, as they try to keep the group together at all times. The price of the tour includes a shot in each pub, free entry, and entertaining games among the attendees, as well as group photos that you can keep as a nice souvenir. This is a perfect option if you're travelling alone, or if you want to meet new people with your group of friends.

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